Acting in the Mind

To attract the things you want to have in your life, you have to vibrate on that particular frequency. All your thoughts and feelings must correspond to the desired new reality. This truth has become widely known, especially after the release of the famous movie "The Secret".

How to get into those required thoughts and feelings when the circumstances that represent that reality, are not present, and at the same time we are accustomed to tune into thoughts and feelings based on what is outside of us? If we stay in wanting, we'll never get the desired thing. We must know it too well, as most of us have decades of experience on that. Wanting only creates more lack of the thing you look for, as this is the feeling you broadcast. If you worry about paying your bills and debts, all that feeling and frequency gives you, is that you go more into bills and debts - so explicitly shown in the Secret. Thinking about your problems and wanting good things, only creates more of the same problems and more of lack - which is the prerequisite of want and has the same vibration.

One solution to this problem is to start acting! Not acting on the stage, nor wearing masks for other people, but inside your own mind. Get into the role of the person you want to be, just like actors do. After Stanislavski's work on Method acting, actors not only speak and move, but also think and feel like the characters are would do. Before saying the lines written in the script, an actor must create the appropriate thoughts and feelings from which all the actions in the play proceed. Something very similar should be created before manifesting those vibrations that attract the desired wealth, relationships, health and all other good stuff.

In early stages of rehearsals, when the main work is in character building, an actor asks himself tons of questions like: "What his voice sounds like?"; "Is he a deep thinker or an impulsive person?"; "What is his inner dialogue?"; "What hobbies could he have?" and so on and on. It is even a good practice to keep a character journal, where all those good ideas and brilliant flashes that arise could be written down. An actor must get to the feeling of how it is to see the world through the eyes of the given character. How it feels to walk in his shoes.

With acting in the mind the process is similar. Only a little easier, in the sense that you already have the character - that's you. Now you have to build the desired world mentally around it: the income, the car you wish to drive, the house you want to live in, the trips you are going to take. You visualize everything and feel it. You have to go inside this world you mentally created and truly believe in it. If you do that, the world will follow and after a while you will have it all in the so-called real world.