Does the Law of Attraction Really Work for You?

After the release of the movie The Secret in October 2006, millions and millions have become aware of the knowledge that previously only a select few possessed: the Law of Attraction. This unique doctrine, which in the movie was summarized by now-famous statement, ‘Thoughts become things’, has since then been ardently discussed. Some claim that they have seen explicit results of it in their lives and that the principle in question really works, while some others—usually based on their current belief system—don’t give it a chance and rule it out completely. Still others remain in between, wanting—sometimes quite passionately—to attract desired things into their lives but seemingly not getting any results.

However, those who reject the Law of Attraction are in a way a similar proof to its operation as are those who do get results. They believe it doesn’t work and the Law of Attraction responds them just as The Secret described it: 'Your wish is my command'. Consequently, everything in the world of such unbelievers firmly confirms their (un)belief and they attract accordingly.

But then there are those in between who wholeheartedly wish to apply the Law of Attraction into their life, they do visualizations and affirmations for a week, a month, three months, and then give up. In the process they experience some great moments, they have high expectations and hope, which then all disappears in disappointment. Some where on the verge of making huge changes and having success, and most felt some degree of inner awareness that it’s all true and might work at first, but then something inside pulled them back to their status quo and the change never came.


What happened was an intervention of their own subconscious mind, which has some very deep programs running, keeping the person on his/her habitual track. These programs are like a thermostat of a heating system: if the temperature in the room drops, the heater is switched on and is kept that way until the temperature is back to normal again. Then the thermostat sends a switching-off command so that the room wouldn’t get overheated. It doesn’t matter if the people in the room are shivering of cold—when the thermostat reads its given value, it switches the heater off. To have a lasting change in room temperature, that value must be altered.


It’s very similar with the Law of Attraction. It doesn’t matter what the person consciously wants, as long as the thermostat—the subconscious mind—runs the old programs, nothing will change. But if changes are made in the subconscious, miracles will start to happen. Suddenly the temperature rises and there is no longer any need to shiver.


So yes, the Law of Attraction does work for you just as for anybody else. You only have to really become—in your subconscious programming—that what you wish to attract. It must be your inner firm belief that you are that person who most naturally has this abundance, good relationships and perfect health that you desire having. And it’s never the world around you that needs to be wrestled with, it’s always your own subconscious mind you have to shift. Also, you have to stop wanting, as this only attracts more of it—wanting and lack (which is the prerequisite of wanting). Just decide, believe and be your perfect blueprint and watch how the miracle of attraction unfolds in your life.