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Human brain is constantly active: busy carrying out programs that the subconscious mind is filled with. Look at your life, and you'll see the programs that are inside your mind. The subconscious mind, however, is not a brutal tyrant that you have no control over. To change it, you just need to execute your willpower. The most powerful visualization tool to change the programs is a vision board.

Vision boardVision boards used to be cardboards with images and texts glued on it hanging on the wall, but nowadays you can even use a special software and have a computer version of your vision board. It doesn't really matter how you make it, the important thing is to use it, to have your mind exposed to whatever you have put on the board. This is how it works – and it really does! Do you remember from The Secret how John Assaraf opens a box with old vision boards to show them to his son and then sees something that shocked him completely: on one of his old vision boards was a picture of the house they were now living in! Not a similar house, but exactly the same house, which he had bought unknowingly. 

How to start?

To make a vision board, you first need to specify your goals, and you should do it in writing. It's not only a useful aid to your memory, but by writing your goals down you clarify them and very often you even change them in the process. While doing this, do not set any “realistic” limits that you believe is possible. How it's all going to happen you cannot possibly know. However, your part in the process is to write down what you really want, what is your heart's desire. This is what makes you emotionally involved, and works much better than a realistic goal that deep down you actually do not care about. Also, for God it is also important that we come out of our comfort zone and do big things that need divine assistance, rather than staying small forever.

When writing your goals down, do not stick only to material possessions. Include also spiritual aims. What virtues do you want to cultivate, what vices to drop? Of course, if your old car needs replacing, or you do need to buy a house to live in, this may be your primary target, but keep in mind that material assets only satisfy for a limited amount of time. Besides material things you also need good relationships, good health, sense of being useful, have a purpose in life etc.


Therefore, find some time and a peaceful place to sit down and mentally walk through all parts of your life:

  • What is your spiritual goal? What virtues you wish to have, what vices to drop? Are there any traits in our character that you wish were different?

  • Your ideal family and relationships?

  • Your health and fitness.

  • Your career.

  • How much money do you want to earn?

  • Your ideal house. The car you want to drive.

  • Where do you want to go on vacation?

Be as specific as possible. For example, it is never enough just to wish to have lots of money. That would be too vague. You should write down the exact number you want to earn in a year. The same is true for your ideal weight, the model and color of your car and so on. The more details you add, the better.

When you have your goals, you have to decide whether you are going to make one single vision board or several. You certainly can have more than one goal on one board, but you should not make your board cluttered. If you have many goals, you should rather make more than one vision board. Group similar goals together and hang the boards in different places that are most suitable for the theme of the particular vision board. For example, the board with relationships and your family could be in the bedroom; career and financial goals above the desk; and your good health and ideal fitness board in the kitchen.


Now that you have your goals written down, you have to find suitable images – the things you want to have, or some visual representation that would symbolize the experiences or changes you want to have. You can make a board that only has texts on it, but since human brain thinks in pictures, having also images on it makes the board much more powerful. You can get cut-outs from magazines or download them from the Internet.

While choosing the images you should examine them carefully. Should there be even a minor detail that you don't like, drop the picture, and choose another where everything is perfect.


Next you have to put together some texts. Those would be affirmations, quotes and positive keywords. Affirmations should always be in present tense and phrased as if you already possess the desired outcome. Your weight loss affirmation should not be “I want to have a slim body”, but rather “My body IS slim and bursting with health and vitality”. You can also add some gratitude: “I'm grateful for my slim body that is bursting with health and vitality”.

Your vision board can also contain your favorite quotes or just positive and optimistic keywords that present the idea of your goal: JOY, COURAGE, HARMONY, WEALTH. If you want to be a millionaire, a visual representation of $1,000,000 would also work well.

Making the Vision Board

When you have your texts and images, you have to paste them to a board of suitable size. You might also want to choose an appropriate background color. That could be your favorite color or a color that would best fit with your goal. For example money color is green – a color that in nature is associated with growth. Goals that need more activity need more energetic colors like red or orange. In any case, you should like the color.

The middle part of your board should be reserved for your own photograph. Choose a picture where you look optimistic and happy.

If you struggle making it and need more guidance, I'd reccommend you to purchase The Complete Vision Board Kit by the same John Assaraf. You'll get a book and DVD packed with really wonderful ideas!

How to use it

When your vision board is ready, you have to start using it. There is no point in making the board and hiding it in a closet. Hang it somewhere you can see it often. Also, every day you should find some time to work with your vision board more intently. Look at the pictures, read the affirmations aloud, and most importantly: create a positive emotion towards your goals. Remember to believe that at some level you already have everything.

Very effective method is to work with your vision board just before bedtime and immediately after waking up. The former helps to take the goals into your dreams where changing of the subconscious is more effective, the latter helps to remind you of the goals before starting the day.

Be flexible with your vision board. If you discover that you want something else than the goal on your board, don't hesitate to change it. However, the goals that have been already fulfilled should remain on the board. Or, you could start a new board with those. Fulfilled goals are important, as they give you faith and courage. They remind you that you are successful and the whole thing actually works.


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