If we think about today’s society, one thing is certain: everybody who lives in this modern world of hustle and bustle requires deep relaxation to balance this lifestyle human being is not made for. We all need to get rid of emotions that let adrenaline and other stress-related chemicals to be continually poured out into the system.

The Need for Relaxation

These chemicals, when not properly used—and we usually do not rush into a hand-to-hand combat or run for life what our body expects of us in an adrenaline situation, remain unused and begin destroying our body. Even when on the surface we may seem calm, on the inside it can be far from it. Just sitting on a sofa and watching TV is hardly a solution. First, the programs usually only generate more unused adrenaline, and second, even if we manage to find some soothing and restful broadcast, it only affects the surface. Inside of us, in the subconscious, the problem is still on. We simply cannot afford that. Having an ability to relax may be a matter of life and death.

A Good Relaxation Tool in Various Forms

A man meditatingOne such good tool to hand us this ability is meditation. Of course, the word meditation is a somewhat generic term that includes so many different practices and varieties. Some meditations use mantras and some others do not. Some focus on a fixed thought, some just let go completely. Usually it is done sitting, but some meditative practices use active movements like dancing. Special music, incense and candles may be used to get into the mood more easily.

In the West, besides Christian meditation that is basically a thought concentration on one direction, Transcendental Meditation is quite widespread, as well as different forms of New Age meditation practices.

One special New Age practice is guided meditation. Guided meditation simply means listening to a prepared audio program that guides you effortlessly through the whole relaxation process. It’s very similar to a hypnotic séance, containing different positive affirmations. Finding different guided meditations on the Internet is quite easy.

A Simple Meditation

A very simple meditation that does not require special guidance though, is simply concentrating on the breath. Just sit comfortably, close your eyes, fully relax all your muscles, and concentrate on the breath. When thoughts come, gently turn your attention back to silently observing your own breath. You do not need to fight the oncoming thoughts, just leave them, and turn back to your breath.

Don’t make the breath consciously deeper, don’t hold it, and don’t force it in any way. Breathing may become slower and deeper; you may start holding it for some seconds, but let it happen naturally. Do this for five to ten minutes, and you’ll feel refreshed.

One good thing to add to this simple meditation is intention. Before starting to meditate make a wish. It can be anything: desire to relax more deeply or experience joy, you may want to make the right decision, or improve relationships. Make the wish, and then release the wish, let it be on its own. Consciously your job is to concentrate on the breath, while the wish you made is being processed in the background, by your subconscious mind.