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One of the most wonderful “techniques” to cleanse away negativity is the violet flame. Whether we regard that negativity that holds us back and makes us suffer as our past karma or something we somehow got stuck with in this lifetime, doesn’t matter that much, the violet flame just works. It can really do miracles in our lives!

Violet flame figureWhat is the violet flame?

Spiritual adepts have been using the violet flame for thousands of years, but in the past it has been always a well-kept secret. A somewhat wider knowledge of it became available through the I AM movement in the 1930s. Since then it has been spreading mainly through the New Age movement.

Violet is basically the highest frequency of all. In physics, violet color has the highest frequency of all colors. At 632 Hz (hertz) we have bluish violet or indigo (more down in frequency, and it’s blue), at 658 Hz is violet, at 679 ultra violet, a very vivid neon violet color. Just a tiny step forward (685 Hz) the violet turns invisible and at 730 it’s red again – infra red. It’s an entirely new octave repeating all over again, and we obviously cannot see it with our physical eyes.

Our highest chakra—the crown chakra—which represents our oneness with God, as well as peace and wisdom, is also violet. Most religious traditions associate it with high spirituality. In Christianity it’s the color of advent and lent, but also of repentance—which likewise is nothing else than cleaning up the negative.

The violet flame we can mentally use is pure spiritual energy which due to its high frequency can dissolve anything that is not in accordance with universal comic laws.

The violet flame can combine with any molecule or molecular structure, any particle of matter … The violet flame can literally consume the debris within and between the atoms of your being.  1 
The violet flame not only frees us of the energetic garbage that burdens us, it transmutes it into pure positive spiritual energy.


One simple way to attract the violet flame is through visualization. We can just imagine ourselves, our problems, our stuckness and suffering into beautiful dancing violet flames. Violet fire can surround us from all sides. We can visualize various shades of violet, with different brightness and different intensity everywhere around us as well as penetrating through us. There is no need to fear that these flames could burn. Even when most intense, they emit love and freedom, never heat. Using the violet flame creates a feeling of freedom and liberation. Closing the eyes while visualizing can help to get more into it.


Another practice for the violet flame would be giving affirmations. They may be given along with visualization or without, but using them together boosts up the operation.

Affirmations, as usual, should be given in a positive form. One good example would be I am one with the violet flame. Another violet flame “mantra” that is widely used is I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires! But of course, you are not limited to these, you can make up your own.

Your Guardian Angel

Because the violet flame is such a powerful spiritual tool, using it may attract negativity. This is why it is recommended that before using it we ask our guardian angels to protect us. They are always happy to do so, but in this free will universe we must first ask.



1. Saint Germain's Prophecy for the New Millennium

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