Lester Levenson

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Lester Levenson was born on July 19th 1909, Elizabeth, New Jersey, to a middle class family. After graduating Rutgers University in 1931 he worked as a teacher, an engineer, went into various businesses and had success.

Despite his success in business dealings, the workload and anxieties made him unhappy and sick, what all culminated in heart attacks. He also had chronic migraines, perforated ulcers and lots of other health issues. After his second coronary thrombosis in 1952 doctors told him he only had very little time left and he should stay in his apartment.

Staying in his Manhattan apartment he had a chance to deeply think about his previous life. Feeling very afraid of dying he decided at least to try to find the answers in himself about what went wrong. “Lester, you still breathe, there still is hope” he said to himself. He decided that the very best way to dig in his mind was to do it from a fresh start, forgetting all the philosophy, psychology and other disciplines he had studied. It was what he knew and did before that had brought him to this situation! All the past knowledge was now useless.

He started to ask himself questions and the answers to them followed. When was I happy? It was connected to love, but not when he was loved but rather when he himself loved someone. He made more and more surprising discoveries and gradually began to feel better. Continuing the path of clearing his thoughts and feelings, he became happier, more free inside and his health continued to improve all the time until the sickness was gone and his doctors could only confirm that he had all of his health back.

Lester Levenson had discovered two life-saving truths. Firstly, that the root of all the problems is not in the surrounding world and other people but in his own feelings. And th second thing he found was that everyone has the ability to let those feelings go.


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