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Having done some serious work to manifest something in your life usually, at some point, feels like a glass wall is suddenly on the way. However diligently you say your affirmations or do your visualizations, you seem drawn back as if a damn rubber band is tied around your back, and no matter how hard you try, there is no going anywhere.

In time, the sense that you might never reach your goal makes you feel hopeless. After all, what base of optimism do you have if you notice that not only are you not making progress, but some invisible current even drifts you right the other way? This self-sabotage is resistance. 

What causes it?

The reason for resistance is your old programming. Some kind of logic behind it tells you basically that moving away from the old is undesirable or even dangerous. So, the belief system that might or might not have some truth behind it rules out the desired situation.

Maybe you want to become a millionaire, but you believe that all wealthy people are greedy snobs. If you do not want to be that, before your resistance could go away, you must first release that belief about rich people.

Or, you might think that becoming wealthy might attract unwanted attention (from criminals, the IRS, etc.) Again, the subconscious mind that has to protect you from harm puts all kinds of blocks on your way so that you may be absolutely sure you’ll never arrive in that unsafe place.

The good news is that the same system that works against you is perfectly capable of working for your success in the future when you have reprogrammed it. Rich people have it that way, and none of them think that it is somehow less dangerous or more moral to be poor.

How to get rid of resistance?

The first step is to acknowledge what kind of resistance you have. Don’t become emotionally involved, however. Give it just enough attention to become aware of it and then make a conscious decision to drop it. I wish that were all! However, since the problem is mostly not what you consciously want but what your subconscious holds true, the change to have real consequences on your life must occur there. So, how do you change your subconscious programming?

There are various techniques that help to get past conscious blocks. Hypnosis is one of them, but while it is the easiest, it requires a qualified specialist to work with you. A much more available solution would be meditation. Plus, you stay in full control.

Meditation itself serves as a tool to get to lower brainwave frequencies that make subconscious levels of your mind much more accessible. While there, you simply work on establishing the positive model—contrary to the belief that stands behind the resistance. 

You do not have to fight your old beliefs in any way. All you need to do is to replace them with new ones and start believing in them.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Map all your resistances and record everything by writing them down in as much detail as possible (in a diary, for example).
  2. Make opposite affirmations. For instance, if you are afraid of public speaking because you think that people see you as not intelligent enough, your affirmations could be such as: ‘I love the friendly attention I get.’ or ‘People see me as a smart and witty person.’
  3. Lower your brainwave frequency by going into meditation. Take one or two affirmations with you and say them in your mind or out loud a few dozen times or what feels right for you.
  4. Do this once or (better yet) twice a day for a week or two, then stop and forget the whole thing for another week.
  5. Map your resistances again and compare the results from your previous entry. Then, if needed, repeat the process, or change it according to the new situation.

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