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Resistance to Change

Having done some serious work to manifest something in your life usually, at some point, feels like a glass wall is suddenly on the way. However diligently you say your affirmations or do your visualizations, you seem drawn back as if a damn rubber band is tied around your back, and no matter how hard you try, there is no going anywhere.

Kever Rachel Red Strings

Kever RachelYou might already know about these strings that so many Hollywood celebrities (including Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rosanne, Liz Taylor, Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton among many others) have been seen wearing but in case you didn't, here is a small introduction.


MeditationIn our modern society we truly need relaxation techniques. Is meditation the right answer for you? What is meditation and who needs it? Is it difficult? You’ll also find a very simple meditation technique here.

The Violet Flame

Violet flame figure thumbOne of the most wonderful “techniques” to cleanse away negativity is the violet flame. Whether we regard that negativity as our past karma or something we somehow got stuck with in this lifetime, doesn’t matter that much, the violet flame just works.

What is the Sedona Method?

The Sedona Method is a simple technique which allows to release all intellectual and emotional blocks that hinder our natural perfect health, good relations and abundance. Inner fears, anxieties and other bad feelings that keep back happiness, success and freedom—all that may simply be released.