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Kever RachelYou might already know about these strings that so many Hollywood celebrities (including Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rosanne, Liz Taylor, Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton among many others) have been seen wearing but in case you didn't, here is a small introduction.

Why These Strings?

The strings, seemingly simple cords made of red woolen thread, offer very special mystical blessings. They protect its wearer against negative energy and any bad influences (the so called „evil eye“),help to heal, and prevent accidents from happening. The cord helps to avoid misfortune and poverty, paving the way to success and achievement. It does not mean that great wealth is put into your hands simply because you wear the string, but acquiring it becomes natural and much easier if negative barriers are removed.

So, what makes the strings so special? This tradition comes from Judaism and Kabbalah. For many centuries, maybe even thousands of years Kabbalistic Scholars would wrap red woolen thread seven times around the tomb of Rachel, a biblical Matriarch who lived a little over 3600 years ago. Special Hebrew prayers are recited and horns are blown. Then the cord is cut into pieces and given to those who wish to wear it, who wish to have the many blessings that come from sweet and loving Rachel.


Maybe you have never heard about Rachel before, so who was she? Rachel was Jacob's second wife. They lived hundreds of years before Moses led Israelites to the Promised Land. Rachel gave birth to two of Jacob's sons, Joseph and Benjamin. Joseph, his father's favorite son, was the one who was sold to Egypt as a slave. There he later arose to be the Pharaoh's first minister, and saved the country from hunger. Unfortunately did Rachel not see her son's overwhelming success and glory. She died many years earlier, while giving birth to Joseph's brother Benjamin. Rachel's tomb where the strings are now being consecrated, is situated near Bethlehem, Israel.

How to Use

Kever Rachel red stringThere is a special way how the string must be used. It should be put around the left wrist just like a watch. Left is considered by Kabbalah the receiving side – and wearing the string makes you the receiver of protection and many blessings from Rachel.

Someone you trust must make 7 knots on top of each other, while you recite the special Ana-BeKoach prayer. You can use either the English version or the Hebrew. If you choose the Hebrew version (but you do not know the language), please make sure you carefully read the translation first. It is absolutely essential that you know the meaning.

After attaching the string to your left arm, you should also make a decision to refrain from negative thoughts and talk that reduces the effect of the string. So, wear the string, and be positive!

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