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Maybe you now ask what's the point. Most likely you have already seen the highly acclaimed movie The Secret. And if you are like me, you were probably very exited about it at first but a few weeks later, feeling that you couldn't make the Law of attraction work for you, lost interest in it.

It was like in a Chekhovs story, where Ivan Dimitritch and his wife read from a newspaper that they had won big on lottery. They began to think of how the money could be spent. First thing, they will now get rid all of their debts. Then, new furnishings. A country estate! Oh, wouldn't that be nice to see their two little children catching ladybirds in the grass, while he, Ivan Dimitritch, has no need to go to the office today, tomorrow, or the day after. In addition to all the joys of summer, a country estate would give them a good income too - an extra to the interest they'll get from the bank, as they decided not to spend everything at once. And then, after the Indian summer, when the weather turns cloudy and gloomy, rains day and night, and everyone is depressed, they would go abroad. To Southern France or Italy perhaps, and spend the autumns there. Of course, they thought, there will be a negative side to it too. All their relatives will come "crawling about" as soon they'll hear about the ticket, asking for money. If they were given any, they would ask for more; if not, they would swear at them and wish them every kind of misfortune. This and much more Ivan Dimitritch and his wife thought about, only to learn a little later they hadn't won the money after all.

Now, why is it that even though it's an absolute fact that the Law of Attraction does work, majority couldn't get the desired results? Why does it look like a lottery to us if it's a law? Any law should work always, every single time. Just like the Law of Gravity, where there's no lottery about it - every time you drop something it hits the ground. It's because beside the Law of Attraction, there are other laws that also govern the process!

Fortunately for us, Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, distinguished experts on this field, have released them all, giving detailed instructions of how to comply with them, how to live according to these laws and have success. Obviously, if you know and follow all the laws, success is inevitable and being a failure is not an option any more.

Here's the list of the laws in their program:

  • The Law of thinking. What is thinking and what is not? How results mirror our thinking? Can thinking be learned?
  • The Law of Supply. How is supply connected to the demand? How to keep the flow freely moving?
  • The Law of Attraction. How to keep the right frequency? "Like attracts like" - what does this really mean? How interest, attention and expectation come into play?
  • The Law of Receiving. How is giving connected to receiving? Receiving something and becoming something - is there a connection?
  • The Law of Increase. Praise - is it really such a fertilizer? Is gratitude important?
  • The Law of Compensation. Is there something for nothing? Is competition a good or a bad thing? What is the fair return of our efforts? In what way cleaning of your environment affects your mind?
  • The Law of Non-Resistance. Too good to be true - is there such a thing? Martial arts: Karate, Judo and Aikido - which one of them is the wisest? What meekness really means?
  • The Law of Forgiveness. Is it vitally important to let go? How to remove blocks? Guilt and resentment, how bad are they?
  • The Law of Sacrifice. Is it about loosing something or gaining something? Why is it necessary to give up some things to get something else? How important is discipline? Is change a sacrifice?
  • The Law of Obedience. To what should we be obedient? How to be in harmony with our desired good?
  • The Law of Success. How important is forward movement? What success really is? Is there success without failure? What is the mental attitude of success?

All this and much more is included in the program. Just listening to it over and over again gives you such uplifting and optimistic emotions! It's really a great starter for a day.

11 Forgotten Laws


Maybe you are not quite ready to order it today, but at least take some time to listen to a free teleseminar. It's with Bob Proctor where he talks for 5o minutes about the Law of Attraction and what this program is all about.
Alternatively, you may also give it a try for just 5 dollars, which provides you with 7 days of decision time to see whether you need it or not.


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