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What is Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is a simple mental technique which allows to release all intellectual and emotional blocks that hinder your natural perfect health, good relations, abundance and much more. What it does, is it simply purifies your innate and natural personal blueprint of all garbage you have put on top of it during your lifetime. Inner fears, anxieties and other not desired feelings that keep back happiness, success and freedom may simply be released, let go. Despite its simplicity, this method is quite powerful and gives clear and tangible results already the first time you use it.

The Creator and the Current Leader

The person who created the Sedona Method was Lester Levenson. In 1952, being incurably ill and having been said he only had a couple of weeks to live, he started to work with himself and finally found the way out. He recovered completely, and in the process of this recovery the foundation of what later evolved to be the Sedona Method, was created. Seeing what an invaluable discovery he had made, he then lectured and taught interested people about the process and by 1974 it had become a complete releasing method, later to be called the Sedona Method—the name itself coming from the fact that Lester Levenson, tired of living in Manhattan, had decided to buy a farm in Sedona, Arizona and moved there.

This town, a recognized New Age and spiritual center, has remained the place where ‘Sedona Training Institute’ and ‘Sedona Training Associates’ keep their headquarters. Today the president of both of these organizations is Hale Dwoskin. Hale met Lester Levenson in 1976 and co-founded the company (Sedona Training Associates ) two decades later. Being as an internationally well known speaker he also appeared as one of the teachers in the Secret.

How it is Done

The Sedona Method, once acquired, is really easy. First of all, the negative thought and feeling of which you are aware and that you want to release must be allowed to rise completely into the conscious mind. No more holding it back, stuffing all this junk inside! Once allowed to rise into the consciousness, you have the choice of letting it go. To do this the method has some different approaches. One of them is the three questions.

The Three Questions

The famous Sedona Method questions are: Could I let it go? Would I? When?
After allowing the problem to surge into the conscious mind, ask each of these preceding questions. Say yes to each one of them and the problem is gone, at least a part of it. Sounds ridiculously easy, but it really works. Somehow the thing just drops away and you suddenly feel relieved, lighter and brighter inside. Repeat the whole thing on different subjects, do it every day and happiness just has to follow as all the mental blocks on its way have dropped away.

Our Personality is Separate From Our Emotions

One very important thing Hale repeatedly tells on his seminars is that we are not our feelings, although it often seems so. We have them [the emotions] just as we have various other possessions, and we also have the ability to let them go if we choose so. He demonstrates it with a pencil. Every participant is told to hold a pencil in his/her hand and squeeze it lightly. Holding it for some time will create a sensation that this pencil is now a part of the hand that holds it—just as strong emotions inside us seem so clearly to be a part of our personality. The participants are told to turn the forehand so that the palm is facing the floor and open the fingers, letting the pencil drop onto the floor. This act gives the very sensation of what it actually means to just let feelings go.

To give you a good start with the method, I'd recommend this very good book, written by Hale:

And a 3 CD audio course: